Commissioned research on health and well-being as well as environmental health and management.


Previous Research Work

  1. Review of Workplace HIV and AIDS Policies in the Durban and Mozambique Offices-2005

 The assignment was to undertake a short research study examining the implementation of the HIV and AIDS workplace policy in Oxfam Australia’s South Africa and Mozambique field offices. The case study was to be used to inform management of policy implementation to date and act as a guide for policy roll out in other Oxfam Australia field offices.


  1. Research into the involvement of males in Home Based Care-2006

 The assignment was to document experiences of male caregivers and to present the experiences within the context of research on home-based care activities in South Africa, and in particular, of men’s involvement in this area. The purpose of the research and documentation was to articulate effective strategies that address masculinity and HIV issues, and highlight lessons learnt for sharing with other Aids Service Organisations, among JOHAP partners and abroad.

  1. Development of Research Tool for Collection of Baseline Nutrition and Food Security Data-2011

 The assignment was to develop a data collection tool that can be used by community based organisations to get baseline information on the beneficiaries they serve.

  1. Research into the participation of communities in the planning for the National Health Insurance-2011

 Conducted in 3 districts in KwaZulu-Natal, this study aimed to find out how informed

communities are in terms of the NHI, and to ascertain the level of activity of statutory forums identified in the National Health Act 2003 (Act 61 of 2003).

 5. Feasibility study for alternative sanitation methods in informal settlements

 6. Community Survey of baseline Nutrition and Food Security-2012

 This was undertaken in 5 districts of KwaZulu-Natal to determine the food security and nutrition. A total of 3000 households were sampled in a study that lasted 3 months.


  1. Menstrual Hygiene Management Study (South Africa)
  1. Menstrual Hygiene Management Study (Zambia)
  1. Impact Study: Targeted Hostel HIV and AIDS Peer Education-2007

 The assignment was to conduct an impact assessment study in nine hostels of the North Central and South Central of Ethekwini Municipality implementing the Hostel Residence HIV and AIDS Peer Education Project. This entailed visiting all the nine hostels, conducting interviews and focus-group discussions with different stakeholders and then writing a report with recommendations. We further had to produce a project framework for the implementation of the new phase with key milestones, outputs and indicators.


  1. Compilation of a Public Health Vector and Pest CD-2008

 The assignment involved a development of a document that contains types, name, lifecycles, effects and control of public health vectors in South Africa. The document was also burnt into a multimedia disk for use by the Environmental Health Practitioners in the Ethekwini Metro.

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  1. Impact Study: Home and Community Based Care Programme-2010

 The assignment was to conduct an impact study on the Home and Community Based Care Programme run by the KwaZulu Natal Progressive Primary Health Care (KZNPPHC), is a non profit organisation contracted by the Department of Health to implement the programme from 2006-2009. The study involved  travel, interviews and document review within the 10+1 districts of KZN Province. This was a major study that took three months.


  1. Programme Evaluation: Home and Community Based Care-2008

 The evaluation was undertaken in 6 districts in Kwazulu Natal as part of the agreement between KZNPPHC and the Provincial Department of Health. The study involved travel, interviews and document review within 6 districts in the KZN Province. The study took three months.

  1. Evaluation of the Maternal and Newborn Technology Initiative -2010

 This assignment involved the evaluation of a project implemented in 13 health facilities in 3 districts in KwaZulu Natal.  This project was aimed at reducing maternal and neonatal mortality. This was an end of project evaluation.

  1. Evaluation of EMBO Area Development Programme-2012

 This programme was funded for 15 years, and had 6 projects within it. The assignment was to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions and the successes and challenges of the different projects and their impact on the beneficiaries.

 15. Development of Case Study on an MNTI Facility in KwaZulu Natal-2012

 The assignment was to take a closer look at the longer term impact of the MNTI initiative on one MNTI facility (Dundee Hospital in Umzinyathi district in KZN) and to then develop a descriptive case study on the Impact of MNTI on the facility.

Training Assignments


  1. Development of Standard Operating Procedures-2007


The assignment was to develop standard operating procedures on Environmental Health Services for the KZN Province.


  1. Development of Guidelines for Disease Emergency, Preparedness and Response-2007


The guidelines were specifically for Plague, and the assignment required running workshops for the Environmental Health Officers on disease emergency, preparedness and response.

 3. Organisational Development and Management Consulting-2008


The requirement was for streamlining processes within the organisation, and the final outputs were:

  • Development of a Log-frame for strategy implementation within the organisation
  • Development of an Operational Plan for 2008
  • Monitoring tool for Home and Community Based Care Programme

 4. Project Management and Personnel Management Training-2010 and 2011


This was a Department of Labour and Lotteries Board funded initiative where we trained 79 Management-level participants from Community-based organisations in Project Management and Personnel Management. This also entailed mentoring of the organisations for a period of 12 months, visiting their organisations and guiding them on how to apply the techniques learnt in class.


  1. Project Management Training: Slindokuhle


  1. Management Development: SHINTSHA HEALTH INITIATIVE